PikminLink is so unbelievable awesome!

Yeah, she is Oo I never thought someone would do the postman from LoZ:TP but she DID!!! ♥♥♥ ♫♫♪

omg *_* I love you PikminLink *__* xD

btw. i'm remaking the Pajama from link. why? Oo Cuz i feel that way and i think it's time to look after my old costumes, to be sure they can be reworn when i want to. and my old pajama was just horrible xD too long, too small, to crappy x.x still no pictures, yet. i've only finished the basic blue shirt. the pants have to be cut a bit shorter and i have to be sure that the zigzag, the lines and the lobster match each other. jow xD



NEW YEARS EVE WAS AWESOME!!! thanks alina! it was so much fun spending the new years eve with you ^.^

we had so much fun ^.^ it was such a blast *__* and finally, we both finished khII and started a new game with LoZ:TP. aaaaaand we didn't sleep the whole night (at least, we celebrated the new year 14 minutes with Tine, Volker and my parents^^ Oo yeah, we're good xD )

yeah.^^ it was a bunch of fun xD


hmm what can i tell else? Oo ah, yea, as you may already noticed i changed the music. it's a song (i guess the opening) from gravitation.

uh, before i forget: THANK YOU PATRICK! you're amazing ^.^thank's a lot. i really appreciate it^^ (*awww* so excited *__* )

hmmm what else, what else . . .

i hope i can travel to a con in england sometime. to meet Jake and the others. i hope it will be awesome.^^


oh and i finally decided what i want to study after my training as a garment-assistant. (sounds weird in english Oo xD )

Japanese Studies

(Or Japanology. or Japanese Art or whatever xD they really can't decide which word is right Oo c'mon! it's not that hard is it? xD)

i know i know, i said i would and then i wouldn't cuz it's too hard, and then again i said i want to but blaaaah Oo i know it'll be hard but my whole life is connected to Japan! I learn sentences, grammar, words, swearwords, hiragana even a bit kanji and what not! c'mon xD gimme a chance xD


guess that's it. can't think of other stuff to tell you.

bah <.< my grammar, spelling, my whole english is crappy today. i'm sry >:<

watashi wa baka desu ka xD

(iie :] )

Mata ne! ♥

*****, anata wa busu desu ka!


PS: Forogt to tell you that i won't do Misa Amane this year. Why? Cuz I don't have the money to. I would love to do another Link Costume. Something from TP. Maybe the Zora Armor. (besides, i know i won't or can't do the zora armor, cuz i'm still not so good skilled to do it *blah >.< * ) but before I drain in my own tears. here's someone who DO have the skillz to do the Zora Armor. nbaaaah I WANNA DO THE ZORA ARMOR!!! x.x

oh um yeah. she deleted the pic of her armor-thing but here's a headshot of her costume.

oh and this is link in his complete awesomeness xD

(sry, the pic is wayy too big for this log so here's just the link *lol* the link to link in his zora armor xD ) 


2.1.08 16:30

Finally he send me a picture.

This was on christmas.  Though I had this picture for a week now, I couldn't or don't wanted to upload it. DUnno.

My mum was explaining me how I had to clean that nice sewing machine and how I had to use a few other things.

Ignore the fact that Grace looks like if she saw something horrible and the fact that I don't wear make up. Thankies.

 oh noes x.x i look like one of those stupid emos *gawww*

Mata ne

%$&=§, anata wa busu desu ka. 

2.1.08 23:25

New haircut! and i look bitchy Oo damnit >.<

Yea, I was at the hairdresser and got a new haircut. I thought it was time to change something^^ and I used the hairdye which my cousin forgot here last november Oo

I look so bitchy when i'm blonde Oo Oh yeah, but hey, finally you can see my Hello Kitty hairclip^^

Uh and yeha, forogt to warn you xD I'm wearing NO make up xD

I look like Anastasia Oo uh, weird xD she has the same eyes but brown hair Oo no wait Oo my eyes  weird Oo AAAH IMMA ALIEN! xD


naah, so, Wörnie is back from Nordanai (or however you write that). He spent the holidays there with his family.

THanks again to you Patrick. You're awesome.


Oh and NO I don't have a new digicam, those are pictures I made with ma new webcam xD though, i doesn't have a name for it, i like it very much^^ *patpat* I think I all you orange Oo yeah. Orange^^

That's all from me now^^ 

Mata ne ♥

PS: I've found an awesome side where you can learn a bit japanese. *lol* helps much^^ 

3.1.08 15:12

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