I feel like tacos

Ouuh yes, I would love to have a couple of them now *__* with cheese sauce *__* *yummy*


Guess what I've found? A "Save-Food-List" fromsomeone who's anorexic. Ana, ya know <.<

Ananas (yeah, delicious ^.^)

  • Apfel (always, classic ^.^)
  • Aprikose 8*___* *drivels* )
  • Artischocke (yeah, kid of Oo tasty ^.^)
  • Aubergine (tasty ^.^)
  • Austern (OH YUCK!)
  • Barsch (Oh . . . well <.< kind of x.x )
  • Birne (naaah, it depends on  .  . whatever <.< )
  • Blumenkohl (yuck >.< )
  • Blaubeeren (yeah, kind of tasty ^.^)
  • Broccoli (OH MY GAWD!! delicious! )
  • Brombeeren (*__* *drivels* )
  • Champignon (yup yup^^)
  • Chicoree (wtf? Oo )
  • Endivie (wtf a pokémon Oo oh my gawd you're ugly >.< discusting >: <
  • Erbsen (with sourcream, of course xD )
  • Erdbeeren (*_____* who doesn't love them? Oo )
  • Gartenbohne (Oo i hate beans >:< )
  • Gelbe Kohlrübe (wtf is that? <.< )
  • Granatapfel (Oo yeah, tasty ^.^)
  • Grapefruit (tastyyyyy delicious!! exotic food ^.^)
  • Grüne Bohnen (yuck >.< )
  • Grünkohl (hell no <.< )
  • Gurke (xD~ yeah, in any kind of variation, always delicious :] )
  • Heidelbeeren (O__O gawd, tasty ^.^)
  • Himbeeren *drivels*
  • Honigmelone (OH MY GAWD!! THIS FUCKING STUFF ISD SO FUCKING DELICIOUS!!! exotic food, and again: yummy yummy for ya tummy xD~ )
  • Hummer (yeah, it depends if it still lives, hell no Oo )
  • Johannisbeeren (tasty ^.^)
  • Kabeljau (<.< kind of . . . yeah <.< )
  • Kerbel (wtf? Oo )
  • Kirschen (T__T *drivels* DELICIOUS!"
  • Knoblauch (q_Q )
  • Kohl (yuck >.< )
  • Kohlrabi (yeah, always favourite vegetable in my childhood ^.^)
  • Krabben ( oooh my gawd they're delicious! )
  • Kumquats ('xcuse me? Oo )
  • Kürbis(yuck >.< )
  • Limetten (kind of . . . dependson how they're cooked or if i have to eat them raw x.x )
  • Mandarine (*_____* ya know . . . i grew up with that stuff and i needed it like drugs <.< sooo? xD )
  • Mango (*____* *drivels on keyboard* soooo delicious!!! exotic food is always yummy yummy for ya tummy :] <3~ )
  • Möhren (*tasty* )
  • Muscheln (urgh >.< I've never tasted them and i will never ever do so x.X )
  • Nektarinen (*__* delicious like hell xD )
  • Orangen ( *__* they're delicious if they're not cooked with something ugly like . . . spargel or something xD )
  • Papaya (___* i love exotic food *_* )
  • Petersilie (urgh >.< )
  • Pfirsich (uuuh delicious! *__* )
  • Pflaumen (*___* American Pie, huh? xD )
  • Preiselbeeren (*drivels*)
  • Radieschen (tasty :] )
  • Rhabarber (urgh >. <
  • Rosenkohl (igitt >.< )
  • Rote Beete (:] depends on how it's cooked)
  • Rotkohl (*___* OMFG ROTKOHL FTW!)
  • Rübe (*__* *usagi desu*)
  • Salat (*__* hat zwar 0 Vitamine aba legga :] )
  • Sauerkraut (legga :] )
  • Schalotte (wtf is that? Oo )
  • Schnittlauch (>.< aba doch net roh oda? xD )
  • Sellerie (nyoo x.x geht so x.x )
  • Shrimps (*sabba* *___* *TASTY DELICIOUS!!! )
  • Spargel (IIIIIIEH >.< *hides*)
  • Spinat (uurhg/%%§&(/&(/& urks >.< )
  • Tomaten (nyoo <.< )
  • Trauben (*sabba* *__* )
  • Wassermelone (hmmm tasty <3 )
  • Zwiebeln (uuuh ;_; *hoil*)
  • Zitronen (sauer >:<
    Oh my gawd, i'm getting . . . <.< ermm . . . mitleid with my father Oo he phoned just a few sec. ago. it was like:
    me: "ja? "
    father: "ja? hallo? Mareike?"
    and i pressed the phone button.
    i just hang up x.x
    i did this a few times already. i don't wanna hear what my dad has to say x.x cuz i know i'm getting pity on him x.x it's always the same. and i know he's doing some kind of "sick" so we ARE or we WILL get pity with him. *gawd* but it's still sad v.v i'm not talking with my own father. . .  kind of sad, yeah.

    my birthday's on sunday and my mum can't really understand that i don't wanna have abig party or even just a dinner. it's just that my birthday isn't something special anymore. it's a normal day with the only exception that it's my birthday and that i'm going to turn 16 (gawd ;_, still so young ;_; ). but my mum is really insistent that i, at least, can go to the cinema or something. i told her about sweeny todd. that i wanted to go watching the movie. guess that's my plan on sunday. i'm wondering if alina can come with me. cuz alone is really depressing >.< and i don't feel the urge to ask all the others. really. i need a calm person on sunday. not someone who's all HYPER and like "AAAWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" gosh >.< 
    hmm . . tine's got birthday today.  and she smokes Oo Oo you surprise me tine Oo i thought you were always like on of those who thinks that it's nonsense to smoke (and that there's a cooler way to die *_* xD ).
    well, anyway: Happy birthday my dear. Celebrate your birthday and feel happy^^
    that's it guys. i'm off.
    Mata ne! ♥ 

    7.3.08 18:59


    I'm sorry but I can't avoid it not to talk about the ending of Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori! It's a Spoiler Warning! So everyone who hasn't watched Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori yet, and who doesn't want to know how it ends, should stop reading now. The read line shows you from where it's save to go on reading. THANK YOU!



    I finished JSF now. and i really have to say that the ending was really sad. ai got killed by those stupid old fags >.< Lovley Village is the town called they lived in. they sent each other to hell like throwing trash away or clapping your hands. rly. they're seriously sick.

    i cried when they said Takuma's the devils child and that the reason why everone disappeared is somehow related to him. they're so cruel. rly. ah whatever. >.<

    got an new anime to watch. Sol Bianca The Legacy.


    sounds nice so far^^


    guess that's it.

    I'm going to go to the cinema tomorrow. with alina. she said yes and i'm really happy we could manage to see the movie. Sweeny Todd, finally.

    Fortunately i'm turning 16 tomorrow so everything will be just right.

    oh and i was shopping today. with my mum. poor mum ;_; she hates shopping >.< and i dragged her to do so xD~ *patpat* 

    got some nice clothes really^^  my favourite piece is the blue-black blouse i got. ^^ and the black jacket. cuz it kind of fits my pink pettycoat. will get a bit emo woith that jacket, but ah well^^ can't get everything ;_; anyway, still need a matching shirt for the pettycoat, though. the jacket alone doesn't do everything.


    anyway, i'm off. watching Sol Bianca^^

    mata ne et konban ha ♥ 

    8.3.08 21:21

    Oh gosh

    Today's the day . . . and i'm feeling so unmotivated. . .  really. I can't wait to go to the movies, but oh well . . . my mum's cooking muffins right now and Wolfgang brought me two chocolate muffins cuz he couldn't carry a cake on his motorbike. ah well . . . got a really big bunch of birthday greetings but fortunately only per internet. not on the phone (except from my grandpa and his new wife^^). my dad didn't call, good thing :]

    blaaaah, guess that#s it. it's now 12:43pm.

    gotta go.

    i'm offmata ne ♥ 

    9.3.08 12:43

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