And no, I don't care if someone don't like her. I think she's cool xD

So, got some money for the sewing I did for my mom. Not much, but hey^^  Now I can buy the liquid make-up which I need for AnimagiC^^ I kind of feel bad spending the money for make up óò Especially because my mom already bought me some liquid make-up . . . just with a too dark tone >.<

*arrgh* But I really need this liquid thing x.X *argh*  

*sight* It rains and the sun is shining . . . oh and there's already a rainbow^^ Pretty thing^^


*argh* There's always a time where you're planning your costumes, and you're so excited about it and after you started sewing you just could start with another one, because you made a big mistake and can't redo it or you just think it sucks or, or, or whatever, or you failed with it completely Oo There's so much what can go wrong, and mostly I get everytzing >.< -.- =.= I so totally suck in sewing. But this time I won't *_*

I promise . . .I won't fail with Mulan or any other costume after *_*

ups ^^ and again just stuff about cosplay^^ hey! but this is an obsession! x-X it's my life xD 

2.7.07 20:55

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